Where to Begin

    Identify your strengths
    One of the first steps to finding a job is identifying your strengths.  Are you knowledgeable about computer programming?  Do you have an artistic or creative side?  Will your past experience with landscape design give you a leg up on the competition?  To successfully market yourself, you must first define what your most [...]

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Job Hunting

Resume Tips

Know the purpose of your resume When creating your resume, know the position you would like to obtain.  Tailor your resume ...

Job hunting tips for college students

Attend career fairs Career fairs are an easy way to get an idea of what it is you want to do.  ...

Job searching- it’s your new job

 Searching for a job is your new job, for now at least.  This means that you must be extremely disciplined.  ...

Creative Tips

Creating a professional web site is easy

A web site is a great way to increase your online presence and an excellent showcase for all your accomplishments. However, many people think that because they don’t have experience or programming skills, a web site is not a possibility for them.  This couldn’t be more wrong!
It’s easy to create a web site that will [...]