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Jun 19th, 2009 | By admin | Category: Job Hunting

Know the purpose of your resume

When creating your resume, know the position you would like to obtain.  Tailor your resume to that specific position.  You will need to tweak your resume for every position you apply for. 

Keep it short 

 Employers don’t have the time to read pages of text.  Avoid lengthy explanations and full sentences.  Use bulleted lists.  Do your best to be as concise as possible. 

Use numbers 

 Numbers give more credibility to all of your accomplishments.  Use specific numbers when possible.  Don’t say that you managed records.  Say that you were responsible for 500 records.


 Specific titles also add credibility.  Be as specific as possible.  Don’t say you were in marketing.  Say that you were the assistant supervisor of product marketing. 

Start at the top 

 Be sure to list your most important or relevant experience at the top. 

Choose your words wisely 

 The words you use in your resume speak volumes about your ability to communicate effectively.  Instead of “came up with,” use “generated.”  Instead of “talked with,” use “interviewed”.    

Your chance to shine 

 Your resume is your chance to make a big impression.  Don’t just list your responsibilities at your last job. List your accomplishments.  Don’t say that you managed files when you really implemented a new filing system. 

Love it or leave it

If you don’t feel that a certain piece of information is beneficial, leave it out.  You don’t have to include all your jobs in a resume.  Choose the things that convey your best attributes. 


 Employers aren’t too concerned with your hobbies and interests.  Unless you’re certain that your ability to collect rare stamps will give you a leg up on the competition, leave it out, especially if you are short on space.

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