Job hunting tips for college students

Jun 17th, 2009 | By admin | Category: Job Hunting

Attend career fairs

Career fairs are an easy way to get an idea of what it is you want to do.  Your college organizes them; all you have to do is show up.  Keep an open mind as you look around. You never know what you might stumble upon.  Take as many pamphlets, flyers, and brochures as you want.  It can’t hurt.  When you have some time, go through all the information and see if anything interests you. 

Utilize your college career center and counselors

Stop into the career center regularly and get to know the people there.  Their job is to assist you.  Browse through any files and information they have.  Ask about students in recent years.  You may form a lot of connections here. 

Perfect your resume

 Attend a resume workshop or set up an appointment with someone who can help you.  A strong resume is a building block of the job searching process.  Learn helpful hints like what information to include and choice words to use.

Print business cards

Just because you haven’t graduated quite yet doesn’t mean you can’t have a card printed.  Include your name, e-mail address, and telephone numbers.  You could also include your college or your area of study.  Be creative.  Use the back of the card as a calendar or to display your best attributes.  Hand the cards out everyone you know. Networking is very important. 

Speak with professors

Keep your professors up to date.  Let them know that you’re searching for a job.  Ask them for any recommendations.  You never know how they may be able to help you. 

Consider relocating

 Be honest.  Is relocating an option for you?  Sometimes the jobs are where you aren’t.  On the other hand, perhaps you always wanted to move across the country, but an ideal job is located right in your home town.  Be flexible.

Apply for unlisted jobs

 Don’t spend all your time looking in the same places as everyone else.  If there is a company that you are interested in, apply.  Even if they did not post openings, apply. 

Remember, you’re new to this

 Keep in mind that you probably don’t have too much experience.  Let go of those perfect job fantasies.  Most jobs will be entry-level positions.  On the plus side, these positions have opportunities for advancement.

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