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Jun 15th, 2009 | By admin | Category: Job Hunting

When seeking a job, positive online presence is a must.  When potential employers search for your name online (and they will search for your name), you want the results to reflect well upon you. 

First, search for your own name.  You may be surprised at what is listed among the results: information about that legal battle with your neighbors, embarrassing college photos, or a poor choice of words quoted in your local newspaper.   Even if your image is squeaky clean, there could be a dozen others with your name that aren’t. 

One step you can take to combat this is to boost your online presence.  Blog or create a web site about you.  Post your resume, write about the important work you have done, and display any honors you have received.   

Search for online site builders that make creating a web site as easy as using word processor.  Add images and text without any programming skills.  Update your site whenever you want.  See how many views your site is getting and where they are coming from.  There are even FREE trial offers out there.

Try coordinating your site with your business cards and letterhead as well.  Your future employer will certainly be impressed by your ingenuity and attention to detail.   

Starting up a small business?  Boost your web presence today!

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